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2.9 Litres of grin inducing power in an offroad camping package. Everything a man could want even the kitchen sink. What more could you ask for?

My van is for sale. Offers are invited around £35000. You can call me on 07989 163 138.

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This unique magazine featured camper started life in 1986 and was one of the last bodyshells to be produced at the Hanover factory. It was bought by a VW engineer from the Hanover factory and as he knew the T25 shell was prone to rusting at the seams, had the shell put through the galvanising tank. This is something that was not done normally. In fact this is the only T25 known to have been through the tank. All T25’s were galvanised to some extent but not where it was really needed, the seams. The swim in the galvanising tank seems to have done the trick as the overall condition of the body can only be described as excellent.

After the galvanising bath the van spent the next 3 years gradually being turned into the toy the original owner desired. A VR6 out of a Corrado was fitted as well as modifications to the suspension. He also built a custom interior to a very high standard. The shell is from a 14” model and 16” Mercedes Alloys had been fitted. The original owner drove the van until about October 2002 when he melted a piston. At this point Jean Louis Brion in Belgium bought the van and rebuilt the engine and fitted additional cooling in the form of a front mounted oil cooler and additional shrouding on the exhaust. Jean Louis then sold the van to a lady named Karen in England who further improved the van by adding things like a Truma gas heater, led spot lights and a Westy pop top.

Karen, a ski instructor mainly used the van to travel to the Swiss Alps in the winter skiing season. After a few years Karens needs changed and the van came again up for sale in April 09. It was then that I noticed the advert on Club8090 and decided I would go for it. Unfortunately I was beaten to the post and the van went to a chap named Ben in Penzance. Not best pleased I continued my search and came across an immaculate standard 2.1mv powered 14” Syncro with a Reimo conversion which I subsequently purchased. About 2 weeks into ownership of my new Reimo I received an email from Ben asking if I was still interested in the VR6 Syncro.

I was a bit suspicious that he was selling it so soon after buying the van but after some discussion it turned out that Bens wife was not happy with the aggressive nature and stance of the van. She simply was not comfortable driving it. Anyway it turned out that what I had bought was just what Bens wife really wanted so we swapped vans. Result.

The van came with the following;

- 2.9l VR6 from a Corrado - 190bhp
- Lifted about 40mm with 2wd front springs and spacers
- T4 front seats
- Oil cooler up front - now removed and running standard VR6 cooler and high performance oil.
- Mercedes MR5 rims (which were too wide and caught the arches)
- Front Fogs
- SA bigger front brakes
- Oil temp, pressure and voltage dials

Since the van has been in my tender embrace I have;

- Replaced the wheels and tyres
- Fitted Poly bushes all round
- Fitted adjustable shocks on the back.
- Had the gearbox rebuilt,
- Replaced the front section of the roof
- Sorted out the air intake
- Replaced the electrics with UK ones
- Fitted head unit with hands free bluetooth connectivity.
- Fixed the heating up front
- Fitted the door pods that were missing when I bought it
- Fitted a new custom stainless steel exhaust
- Swapped the headlight from the Squares to the SA grill and round lights
- Fitted a new "Smart" battery charger
- Fitted 2 x 100 Amp carbon fibre batteries in parallel and a battery brain.
- Fitted a Gas alarm
- Re arranged the engine bay and fitted an oil catch tank and decent air filter.
- Replaced the suspension with powder coated items
- Replaced the engine intake with powder coated intake
- Replaced the SA brakes with new SA callipers, discs and pads.
- Upgraded the front shocks and springs with heavier Duty ones.
- Upgraded radiator fan to Spal fan and replaced temperature switch to come on sooner.
- Replaced Dash with Golf dash using Syncrosport conversion
- Replaced absorption fridge with a new compressor fridge.
- Stainless Steel tank straps fitted
- And sorted out a bunch of other gremlins
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