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Type 1 and Type 4 Aircooled Engine Tinware

Tinware is essential on an aircooled motor and needs to be fitted properly to do it's job. If your tinware is full of holes, rusted half away or ill fitting then sort it now. It will ensure your engine runs cool and lasts.

A friend of mine Eric convinced me that properly fitting and complete tinware makes a huge difference. I have been driving bays and splits for years now and it wasn't until a trip down the M74 at a constant 70mph for 3 hours in Erics van that I realised how badly the tinware was set up in every van I had owned. We pulled in at J38 (M6) and Eric encouraged me to place my hand on the top of his engine. I was somewhat cautious not wanting to get burnt but decided to indulge him. I was amazed to find that the engine was just warm. Not hot enough to cook your breakfast on as I had expected. This is he proudly stated is because the tinware is fitted properly and that he had fitted an aluminium heat shield over the exhaust. Apparently VW used to ship the vans with a second skin on the exhaust to keep the heat down. I can confirm this, as an engine I bought from VW Heritage still had its original exhaust and it had the second skin. The aftermarket exhausts you get today don't have this. Eric fabricated his to sit over the exhaust box and channel the heat down and out the back.

I have included this page and diagrams so that you can identify the pieces you might be missing. The tinware coloured blue is for the Type 1 engines and the plain white for the Type 4. I have a bunch of tinware available. If you need some just ask. I might have what you need (although a lot of the most wanted pieces are gone).

The Split Windscreen tinware is different from the later bay tinware (shown here) and the aircooled T3/T25 tinware. The main difference between the Type 4 engined Bays and the T3s is the pieces which meet the engine bay bodywork. The T3 tinware can be cut down to fit a bay engine Bay if need be.
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