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I bought a Sopru conversion Bay from Australia and one of the more difficult jobs to do was to make the rollers that enable the roof mechanism to work. These small wheels are no longer available from anywhere so I had to make my own. To do this I bought a length of Nylon rod from a company named Direct Plastics, the same diameter as the original cut it down and bored it out to the original specification

This rod then had to be cut to length with a hack saw and drilled to match the original. This was a bastard of a job because the Nylon is harder than you might think. Truth be told it was my mate James that did this part of the job as he had a better drill press then me.

All in all not a difficult job just time consuming.

I still have plenty of rod left so email me if you need some. If you want some made let me know because James might be willing for a small fee!

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