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Fuel Calculations - Petrol/Diesel/LPG Comparison Tool

I created the spreadsheet below to allow me to compare vehicles so that I could make an educated choice. It will also work out the pay back time for LPG conversions.

To use it you input;
  • The current fuel prices per litre (Petrol, Diesel and LPG)
  • The capacity of the fuel tank (Petrol, Diesel and LPG) automatically works out the effective capacity of the LPG tank
  • The MPG of the vehicle(s) - Diesel, Petrol - automatically works out the LPG MPG based on the petrol value.
  • The trip/mileage. This is over a period of time (like a year or the for the time you intend to keep the vehicle) or for a particular trip (maybe an expedition to Morocco)
  • For business use calculations you can change the mileage allowance values and the business use mileage.
  • For LPG calculations - Annual Mileage
  • For LPG calculations - Cost of the conversion

It will work out for you;
  • How far you can get out of a full tank of fuel
  • The cost of a tank of fuel
  • The litres used and cost of that fuel over the set mileage - for both total and business use
  • For business use it will work out how much your tax allowance will give you back and how much you have left after you pay for the fuel.
  • The payback time if you want to do an LPG conversion yourself.