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I purchased an ex-MOD 1800 Type 4 engine from Heritage VW. The engine allegedly been sat on a shelf as a spare and not used. The condition of the engine when checked supported this statement. The engine was set up for running something other than a van so it was converted from 24 volt to 12v with a new Flamethrower ignition kit (coil, leads, 009 Distributor and Ignitor 2).

The engine is slightly different from the standard van engine in that it has the big valve heads. The oil filler is located on the oil breather and the carburettors are 40mm rather than the usual 36mm ones.

Some of the tinware that came with the engine was butchered and wouldn't fit a van so I racked through my bits of tinware (all sourced from Australia so not the usual tea strainers) and put together a complete set. These were all sand blasted and repainted black.

The dual carburettors (which came with the engine) are Solex carbs but are 40mm instead of the normal 36mm and are clean and wear free which again backs up the "been sat on a shelf" statement by Heritage. The linkage bar had to be modified slightly to position the arm which holds the accelerator cable. I couldn't use the old bar off the engine that came out of the van as it is shorter than the one that came with the 1800.

The starter, gearbox, oil cooler and alternator all came off the old 2 litre engine but seem to be in good shape. The engine starts easily and even has a new engine smell.
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