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1972 VW Karmann Ghia

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This lovely piece of automotive gorgeousness is the latest vehicle to grace my driveway. It belonged to my good friend Eric for about 15 years. 9 of those years the car spent hibernating. When we took the car out in 2013 all she needed was fresh fuel and a new battery. The car was serviced as a matter of course but it really took no time to get her running. I was to keep the car for Eric as he had just purchased a RHD UK car of the same vintage and couldn't garage both. I had always lusted after the car so offered to look after it for a bit. I have decided to keep it now and have plans to bring it up from the nicely presented drivable car to something a bit different. More mild custom than off the wall. The first job I did was replace the front seats with Mazda MX5 seats with integral speakers in the headrest. The reason for the change was because the original seats had had it and the cost a good few hundred pounds. The MX5 seats were £80 and mean't I also got speakers thrown in. Something the car was lacking.
I intend on getting the car resprayed and the interior re-trimmed in Red at some point.

Got to get rid of a few things first otherwise the wife will kill me.