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The engine is a 190BHP 12V 2.9 litre VR6 out of a Corrado is fitted along with a custom stainless exhaust. The air intake is an aftermarket affair which I fitted in what once held the gas bottle (now under the seat). The filter is good for up to 400bhp so shouldn't hinder 190bhp. The exhaust I have kept it as close to the length of the original as possible so as not to upset the MAF and temperature sensors that control fuelling. The exhaust has been shrouded and wrapped to reduce exhaust and engine temperatures. Up front an Oil temperature gauge, an Oil Pressure gauge and a Voltage gauge have been fitted to keep an eye one things.

The gearbox (rebuilt 2010 by Aidan Talbot) is a standard 2.1 Petrol box with the .85 4th gear. An AAN to be precise, built on 10/12/85. Aidan rebuilt it after the 3rd/4th Synchromesh went. Aidan put in the extra oiling plates so hopefully the box will be good for another 25 years. The gearbox is mated to the engine with a modified 2.1 flywheel which has a vr6 inner. It is tapped and bolted together. It has a 2.1 clutch and pressure plate.

The front diff is an Adh code and the van has both front and back diff locks. The gearbox (being an early one) has the short pin lock so consequently needs the rarer shorter 2.1 starter.
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